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The Stabilized Yellow Rose: an eternal treasure chest of emotion

This is the rose that does not fear time. She is eternal.

The stabilized yellow rose does not wither and manages to preserve for years and years its beauty so vivid and intense. This type of rose is caught when its bud has reached its maximum splendor: then a special treatment takes care of it to make it eternal. It does not wither and does not need to be watered, even while inexorable time passes and goes.

When to give it as a gift.

The stabilized yellow rose is the ideal gift whenever you want to communicate great affection, esteem, deep friendship, optimism and joy. It can be a special occasion, such as a birthday, or a surprise without dates and anniversaries. In any case, the stabilized yellow rose is a unique gift to give to those who with emotion carry in your heart.

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Fiore Yellow Rose

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