Shipping cost

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Delivery time

We deliver on the day indicated in the order from 8.00 to 20.00. Relying on our local partners, we are not yet able to indicate the exact time of delivery.

In the execution of deliveries the time is not binding, we will do our best to comply with the customer's request, but the delivery will be considered valid within 24 hours.

Deliveries cannot be guaranteed:

- Sundays, public holidays, and on days when florists in the destination are closed for weekly rest;

- on the occasion of major holidays (Christmas, Easter, Women's Day, Mother's Day, Valentine's Day, etc.), in case of need, delivery can be anticipated or postponed;

- in the event that the floral tribute is not available, it can be replaced with another of the same amount;

- in the case of deliveries in public places (eg hotels, hospitals, clinics, theaters, schools, tourist villages, churches, cemeteries) and in general in places where it is not possible to deliver the floral tribute directly to the recipient, but the gift itself must be left to the staff, FLOWERS DELIVERY S.R.L.S. assumes no responsibility;

- in case of non-delivery due to incorrect and / or incomplete indications regarding the domicile of the recipient, the expenses incurred by the florist executor will be charged to the customer customer. It is also mandatory to always indicate the telephone number (landline) of the recipient;

- if it is not possible to make the delivery you will be notified by phone or e-mail;

- deliveries will be considered valid even when the recipient refuses to accept the gift for his personal reasons;

All prices include VAT and in the personal profile you can find the invoices corresponding to the purchase. In respect of privacy, we guarantee that personal data will in no case be communicated and disclosed to third parties. Instead, they can be used by FLOWERS DELIVERY S.R.L.S. for communications on any promotions reserved for customersDelivery with delay

If the delivery takes place late due to our disservice, you will be entitled to a full refund of the flowers, while for additional products there is no refund.

If the delay in delivery is due to circumstances beyond our control (the recipient is not at home, for example), you will not be entitled to a refund. But even in this case, nothing is lost: we will leave a note or a message to agree on a new date or time of delivery or collection at our local partner.

Delivery outside the home (hospitals, hotels, companies, etc.)

The delivery of flowers in hospitals, hotels, clinics, companies, universities and public facilities, although not guaranteed, in most cases is carried out successfully. If you would like delivery to take place in one of these locations, please provide all the necessary details and provide a telephone number.

In the case of hospitals, it will be necessary to indicate the name of the department and the room number. will do its best to ensure that the delivery is successful, but always respecting the regulations in force in each structure. Some hospitals or intensive care units do not accept room deliveries. Therefore, please check the availability of the structure before placing your order.

If you wish to send flowers to a person staying at the hotel, you will need to indicate the room number and the name of the person who made the reservation. will only authorize refunds for cases where it can be proven that you have complied with the aforementioned rules.

Complaints and refund requests

If you are not satisfied with your order, submit your refund request within two working days of delivery. Send your request by email to [email protected] with including the photo of the different product, your data and the order number.

Incorrect or incomplete information

If you provide an incorrect or incomplete delivery address when ordering, we cannot guarantee the success of the delivery. When we become aware that the data indicated are incorrect or partial, we will contact you to ascertain and correct any error. If the correction of incorrect information takes place up to two days before the indicated delivery date, this will not be delayed. is not responsible for any missed deliveries due to the insertion of partial or incorrect data and therefore, for the latter, refunds will not be guaranteed.

Deliveries rejected by the recipient

If, for personal reasons, the recipient refuses delivery, the order in question will not be refunded.

Quality policy

Our flower arrangements are unique and handmade, and it is impossible to have two identical ones. We are committed to ensuring that each of them resembles, as much as possible, the model shown in the picture and matches the description indicated. There may be some small variations compared to the image shown, but the concept and quality of the product cannot be changed.

Products and images

The products contain only the elements indicated in the description. Jars and other components are not included. The photographs of the product represent the average size of the model. Most of the flowers are delivered semi-closed so that the recipient can enjoy the beauty of the same for longer.

The composition and shape of the bouquet may undergo small variations.