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VITALITY - Sunflowers, ornithoall, green trek and Fabiola flowers

The ornithogal symbolizes reconciliation. The sunflower, joy and liveliness. Fabiola flowers give intensity. The color palette of this floral bouquet, taken together, inspires vitality and happiness. Giving a bouquet of flowers like this bouquet with sunflowers means giving a ray of sunshine: this floral arrangement, therefore, is the right idea to wish someone a speedy recovery and bring a touch of positivity to his day.

When to give it as a gift:

Give it as a gift to give smiles and positive feelings, give a special touch to an anniversary, a birthday, an anniversary or a day that you want to make memorable. This bouquet of flowers will be perfect to give to your mother, a friend, your wife or a woman you want to conquer.

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Fiore Sunflowers, ornithoall, Fabiola flowers

Erbacea Green trek

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