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PARTY ATMOSPHERE - Red Christmas Star

The most classic of festive cadeaux: a red poinsettia is the symbol par excellence of Christmas greetings and warmth. A timeless gift, which never goes out of fashion. Impossible to go wrong.

What does the Poinsettia symbolize?

In the language of flowers, the Christmas star wishes serenity and abundance, but also symbolizes humility and simple joys. Thanks to the ancient Mexican legend of Pepita, a child so poor that she had nothing to offer Jesus for Christmas Eve. To help her, an angel advised her to collect some brushwood. Once she entered the Church, the brambles became beautiful red stars.

How to cure it?

With little water and the foresight to make them have light and air always new. Keep it indoors during the holidays, then you can take it outdoors, waiting for the next flowering, in a shaded area, without direct contact with the sun.

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