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DEPTH - Heavenly hydrangea and green trek

The trendiest bride bouquet of the moment! Hydrangea is the flower that, par excellence, is popular among florists and wedding planners. It is found in the most chic and original weddings precisely because of that celestial that does not go unnoticed and that symbolizes an ardent and deep love. Debunked, therefore, the myth that connects hydrangea to the concept of escape. In the language of flowers, indeed, the blue hydrangea means that we have a great love for a person despite his fickleness and all the daily difficulties of the relationship. With the pink variant, then, you will be telling your partner that he is the only love of your life.

When to give it as a gift:

A bouquet of flowers with hydrangeas is a beautiful gift for chic and fashionable people. On any occasion you have thought of giving flowers, this bouquet will certainly make you look great. For example, you can think of these flowers as a gift idea for the birth of a child, for a baptism or an important birthday.

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Fiore Hydrangea, gypsophila

Erbacea Green Trek

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