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The Grusone or Mother-in-Law's Pillow

Grusone is a beautiful ornamental succulent.

It has cylindrical or globose stem that flattens towards the apex and is adorned by areolas covered with yellowish down and yellow or white sharp thorns. These thorns are the leaves of the Grusone and have this shape to minimize water dispersion.

In optimal conditions the Grusone can reach 90 cm in diameter.

Curiosity - The other names of Grusone

Because of its sharp spines, the Grusone is also known as the Mother-in-Law's Pillow.

Golden ball is the other name by which the Grusone is known, for its appearance that makes you think of a golden ball.

How to keep Grusone at home

Grusone is a cactus that loves sunny and well-ventilated environments.

In winter the cactus enters the resting phase, so we advise you to place it in a protected environment that has a temperature between 5 ° and 10 °.

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