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PACE - Bonsai ginseng

In Japan, bonsai has a very ancient history: it is the plant that brings peace. Its cultivation is a real art, a philosophy of life.

In the language of plants, bonsai represents the continuous evolution of life, the course of destiny.

The power of this miniature tree is to portray in small all the beauty of creation.

That's why giving a bonsai is a gesture full of meaning, as well as a prestigious gift.

When to give it as a gift:

Give it as a gift to celebrate the inauguration of an activity, as a gesture of thanksgiving, on the occasion of a wedding.

How to cure bonsai ginseng? No special attention is required regarding watering: the important thing is to check that the soil is not too dry. The best location? One meter from the window: in this way it will have the essential light to develop photosynthesis and grow at its best.

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Pianta Bonsai ginseng

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