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CANDOR - Lilium and cymbidium beam orchids

A fresh bouquet with pastel tones. This bundle of lilium and cymbidium orchids gives an immediate sensation of delicacy. Given the significance of its flowers, it is a perfect bouquet as a gift for a wedding anniversary or engagement. Liliums, also known as lilies, are associated with the idea of candor and honesty: they are often associated with a classy, proud woman, a true queen! Cymbidium orchids, then, are the gift of class and admiration by definition.

When to give it as a gift:

Giving a lily means appreciating the purity of soul of the person to whom it is given. For this reason, tradition has it that it is the flower to give for a Baptism or for a First Communion. You can also choose this bouquet of flowers to give it to a man, for example for Father's Day or for his birthday.

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Fiore Lilium, cymbidium orchids

Erbacea decorative green

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