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REBIRTH - Bundle of tulips

A bundle of tulips is the true symbol of pure, honest and selfless love.

Already in the famous collection of fairy tales "The Thousand and One Nights" the tulip was the flower associated with love: according to the stories the sultan dropped a red tulip at the feet of one of the women of the harem to indicate which was chosen.

Its bright colors anticipate the shine in the eyes of those who will receive this gift, sweet and graceful.

When to give it as a gift:

The tulip is a strong and vigorous flower that gives a feeling of intimacy and perfection. The wide range of colors and the frequent availability of this flower during the year, give a wide range of occasions during which to give tulips: for Mother's Day, for example, but they are also an elegant choice as a gift for a wedding, especially if in spring. The tulip, as a sign of rebirth, is also widely used during the Easter period and as a wish for a speedy recovery. Giving a bundle of tulips also means celebrating a birthday, a birth or a particular anniversary: more generally, it is the flower suitable to underline a goal achieved.

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