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An intense yellow that immediately sweeps away the greyness of winter: mimosa is the spring that announces itself, a real joy for the heart.

With its elegant bearing and fragrant flowering, it is the symbol of strength and femininity. The American Indians gave it to the women they were in love with, in England of the last century, instead, they were the flowers chosen by women to communicate a revolutionary sense of independence. One flower, many meanings, as many are the feminine facets. It is no coincidence that mimosa was chosen as the symbol of March 8 and International Women's Day.

Why are mimosas given as gifts for Women's Day?

Women's Day is celebrated on March 8 in honor and memory of 129 workers who were victims of a fire in a New York industry in 1908, during a protest over the unacceptable conditions in which they were forced to work. The most accredited hypothesis is that right in front of that factory a mimosa tree grew. The choice was almost forced.

How to cure mimosa?

Mimosa needs sun and light, it cannot stand excess water and, to grow healthy and lush, it must be sheltered from the wind. It blooms in March, but its flowers, under the right conditions, last until summer, giving flowering balconies and cheerful and bright gardens.

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