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CREATIVITY - spathiphyllum, white gullies, fern

Creativity is the master in this sparkling bouquet of green plants, enriched with decorations and customizations that make a composition with Spathiphyllum, Fern and Calancola a perfect furnishing detail, suitable for all styles, from a classic house to a retro, from a modern and design to a shabby chic style. Try to use it or give it as a centerpiece: you will see that the table will immediately look more elegant.

When to give it as a gift:

Your mom, for Mother's Day, this composition of plants will definitely like. You can also give spathiphyllum, gullies and fern for the inauguration of an activity or when visiting a friend's house.

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PiantaSpathiphyllum, Fern and Calancola plant

Erbacea Decorative green

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